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What is Yaade?

Yaade (pronounced /dʒeɪd/ like the mineral) stands for "Yet Another API Development Environment". It is an open-source, self-hosted, collaborative API development environment.

Why did you develop Yaade?

I was looking for a self-hosted Postman alternative so that API collections can easily be shared between teammates. Even though popular solutions like Hoppscotch exist, their self-hosted app does not come with authentication and relies on Firebase for persistency. Yaade is developed from the ground up with self-hosting and security in mind. That means sensitive information in API requests can safely be stored on your own server!

Noteable features

  1. Self-hosted: data never leaves your own server
  2. Multi-user: manage users and their permissions, supports OAuth2 and OIDC
  3. Persistent: even across container or server restarts
  4. Easy single-file data import / export
  5. Requests are executed on your machine so you can call localhost as well as remote servers
  6. Request description (documentation) with Markdown
  7. Request/Response scripts
  8. Most importantly: dark mode default