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Users & Groups

With Yaade you can manage users and groups locally or with external authentication providers using OAuth2 and OIDC.


Groups determine the permissions of users. A colletion can have a list of groups. Only users in one of these groups can see and edit the collection.

Local User management

Local users are managed in ⚙️ > Users > Local. You can add a new user by filling in the form on top of the list. Note that usernames must be unique. Groups are whitespace separated.


A new user always has the default password password. Make sure to always change it to something more secure on first login.

To make a user an admin, simply add the user to the group admin. Note that there is no concept like super-admin. Once a user is an admin he has all permissions.

External User management

Yaade provides external user management using OAuth2 and OIDC. Since configuration options differ between providers this configuration is simply a big JSON object.

To add a new provider, add a new JSON object to the "providers" list.


    "providers": [{
        "id": "some-unique-id",
        "label": "Login with Cognito",
        "provider": "cognito",
        "params": {
            "clientId": "your-client-id",
            "clientSecret": "your-client-secret",
            "callbackUrl": "http://localhost:9339/callback-cognito",
            "fields": {
                "username": "/username",
                "groups": "/cognito:groups",
                "groupsFilter": "*.yaade",
                "defaultGroups": ["my-group"]
            "scopes": ["openid", "email"]

Required Fields

"id" is a unique identifier for your provider

"label" is the label shown on the login screen

"provider" the provider to use, see below for what providers are available

"params" contains special provider-based parameters

Required OAuth2 Params

"clientId" the client ID of your OAuth2 application

"clientSecret" the client secret of your OAuth2 application

"callbackUrl" the callback URL of your OAuth2 application.


The path of the callback URL must be unique for every provider!

"fields" contains information on how to parse a user's JWT access token

Optional OAuth2 Params

"scopes" is a JSON array of strings of the scopes to request. Different providers have different scopes. Some providers don't require you to set scopes manually.

Required OAuth2 Fields

"username" JSON path to the username

"groups" JSON path to the groups

Optional OAuth2 Fields

"filter" RegEx to filter groups found in the groups-field

"defaultGroups" a set of groups that every user of this provider receives


There are some preconfigured providers but you can also configure other OIDC or OAuth2 providers manually.

AWS Cognito

"provider": "cognito"

This provider connects to a Cognito user pool.

Custom Params

poolId the user pool ID of


"params": {
    "poolId": "eu-central-1_KLALDK3D",


"provider": "azureAD"

This provider connects to Azure AD.

Custom Params

tenant the tenant ID of your AzureAD application


"params": {
    "tenant": "ba5b0c35-eb3a-4fca-cca5-i45fce590a",
"scopes": ["openid"],


"provider": "keycloak"

This provider connects to Keycloak.

Custom Params

site the URL of the Keycloak instance


"params": {
    "site": "",
"scopes": ["openid"],

Custom Providers

Since Yaade uses Vert.x under the hood, it is possible to configure custom provider's using OAuth2Options. You can find more informtaion on the available configuration params here and here.

Open ID Connect

"provider": "oidc-discovery"


"provider": "oauth2"